Acceptance Pays A Price. Pane e Cioccolata (Bread and Chocolate) (1974)

Here we have a scene from the movie Pane e Cioccolata. An italian who moved to Switzerland for a better life has changed his image to fit in. He died his hair blonde, even his mustache and eyebrows, with a desperate hope of “fitting in”.

In this part of the movie, he walks into a bar full of Germans ( if i’m not mistaken).  At this bar their happens to be a Soccer Game being aired on the television.  The game is between his country Italia and the country of Germany.

He completely forgets his “disguise” and starts to celebrate each time his country begins to score. This only caused strife between the Germans and him, (him being the only Italian in the room). Finally his outrage only made matters worse and he landed up on the street as he was kicked out by the Germans.

To his surprise he was consolidated by this woman, whom he had seen walk in the bar earlier. But what really took him by surprise was that she was one of him. She also was looking for acceptance and when she took off her blonde wig she saluted him in spanish and admitted with a smile that she was from the country of Spain.

Acceptance pays a price, no matter how far or near from home.


Written by : Raul Soto

Movie Credit: Pane e Cioccolata

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