Danger: Diabolik Review

I had never heard of this one before but this was a lot of fun and better than expected. I wouldn’t call this a great film but I would definitely say this is a fun movie that it’s actually pretty well made. It’s the type of film we don’t get anymore. One aspect I really liked about this movie is the production design. I love how much of the effects were practical. It really helps immerse you in this comic book world. The sets are also wonderful. This is a movie with a lot of style and it’s the type of style that you’ll either dig or you won’t. It really felt like a comic book come to life. Maybe my favorite aspect of the movie was the score by maestro Morricone.

I think part of why I enjoyed the film as much was the experience while watching it. The introduction by Jim and Paul was incredibly insightful and really helped the class know what they were getting into. I also think their contribution was really helpful to keep an eye out for certain details throughout the movie that we wouldn’t have noticed without their insight.

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