Il Conformista Review

This was one I had been wanting to watch for a while and when it was all over, I didn’t know how to feel. It’s a beautifully made film on so many aspects. The performances are fantastic especially the lead actor Jean-Louis Trintignant. The characters are very well written as well. My favorite aspect of the film is by far the cinematography. You can tell just how much thought and care they put into every shot. The locations are just incredible to look at as well from the many beautiful locations in Rome to the almost dreamy locations of Paris. It’s probably the most visually stunning film I’ve seen during the class.

All that being said, I really didn’t connect with the movie. The movie moves at a very slow pace and at times it feels almost meandering. I think it’s part of the appeal and a reason why so many people love this movie. For me personally it just didn’t work and to be honest it bored me at times. I also didn’t really connect with the characters even if the actors portraying the characters do a terrific job. The movie also doesn’t have much story either which it’s another aspect that I think people will either really like or not like. Usually that doesn’t bother me but this time it did. The slow pace, lack of a story, and characters I didn’t connect with, all made for a movie that left me conflicted. It’s beautifully made but didn’t make me feel anything.

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