Le fate ignoranti (review)

Le fate ignoranti is an italian drama that’s directed by Ferzan Özpetek. It follows the story of Antonia, after her husband died of a car incident, she finds out that he was having an affair with a man named Michele. The movie definitely made some choice that didn’t hit the spot for me, such as bad editing, score selection, and even character development. However, I can say that I was entertained by the story and there were a few things that piqued my interest. Particularly, the chemistry of the family unit that later on, Antonia joins. The use of the color red throughout the film; symbolizing rage and passion. Lastly, the use of foreshadowing that later on, determined the fate of the characters. Le fate ignoranti certainly has its flaws, but the drama that happens within the story is amusing. 

Ana Sofía Cintrón Mediavilla

Writers Note: When I was surfing on the internet, I found out that Le Fate Ignoranti (2001) copied the car crash scene from the film Meet Joe Black (1998).


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