Deep Red (review)

Dario Argento - Deep Red | Deep red, Dario argento, Film stills

Directed by the Dario argento, Deep Red ( Profondo Rosso) tells the story of a musician who witness and investigates the murder of a famous psychic. For being my first giallo film, I’m very pleased with this watch. It’s a movie that has a good mix of mystery and slasher. When it comes to cinematography, Argento has a great eye for it. Using camera blocking and movements to hide the killer till the very end. Thus, somewhat incorporating the camera to the story. The visuals were stunning, especially the use of the color red. However, I think that the highlight of this film was the score by the band Goblin. It’s memorable, sticking and enhances the viewing experience. 

Ana Sofía Cintrón Mediavilla

Here’s a video I found of Guillermo Del Toro talking about the movie Deep Red:

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