Gomorrah y mis pensamientos: The Cruelty Of Men

Here we have a scene from the movie Gomorrah. What is seen as a simple act of charity is later ripped apart by the ugly truth and by the cruelty of men. Love and Compassion or at least what is left of it in the world is taken over by greed and beaten down by evil.

As the needle of crime injects itself into society here we can see the pain of agriculture with profits made off toxic waste buried illegally. Ultimately a clear depiction of life being mis appreciated as it has always been at least by those who care of nothing.

For ages evil has disguised itself as the light and darkness as being good. Not because it needs to, but because it can. Which ever it may be, Trust no one lest you be kissed by Judas.


But as in all stories we have a hero and his name is righteous. The good shall prevail if we follow one of our voices.  Shed the light and conquer darkness or tame the wild one and become the devil inside of all of us.

Which side will it be ? Which side are you on?



written by : Raul Soto Mendez

Movie Credit: Gomorrah


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